Desire Is Not Much but Nonetheless…

In collaboration with Michael Newman
Silent 16mm film on a loop
Black and White and Colour
Computer generated animation
5 minutes

Desire Is Not Much, but Nonetheless is a study of the Sleeping Hermaphrodite (2nd century AD), which belongs to the Louvre Museum. Animations are key in creating the illusion that the sculpture is breathing. It also includes three colour sequences lasting 18 frames each: the view of a myriad of fish making a star dispersal movement, a horde of hyenas devouring an animal and the fall of the Berlin Wall. This film is an interpretation of the Hermaphrodite’s dream.

Location: Grand Palais, Paris, May 2015
Camera: Aaton XTR +
Lens: Zeiss 55 mm prime
Stock: 7207/250D Kodak
Director of photography: Tim Sidell
Focus puller: Joseph Mastrangelo
Clapper loader: Kim Pearce
Editing: Martina Moor
Processing: Dejonghe Film, Courtrai
Grading: Jason R Moffat
Animation: Hoxton Redsox, London
Colour images: © rwbrooks – Pond5, Love Nature and turnbeutelvergesserB