HD videos
Black and white and colour, sound
87 min
Ongoing since 2012

This project was initially conceived in 2012 for a commission from Random Act, a TV show on the UK’s Channel 4. These series of short films were made to be inserted into the broadcaster’s public programme, to operate in between shows. Their title is a reference to the anonymous agit-prop films made during the May 1968 revolution in France.
Cinetracts (Spring, Winter, Summer) are a compilation of sequences gathered from film archives, TV or the internet. The series explores the visual regimes of the news, advertising and pornography. They form a meta-critical examination of the media’s narratives — are a search for a critical distance from which to deconstruct them. Most of these sequences subvert their imagery so they can be read counter-culturally. Some original sequences have been modified, others have not. Some were made in response to current political and social events while others are future film ideas. Most sequences are the result of experiments with sound and editing in order to research new filmic grammars. The Cinetracts are political pamphlets in cinematographic form.

Editing: Marine Hugonnier, Susanne Dietz, Heather Mills
and Zeynep Dagli
Grading: Alex Grigoras