Unti­tled (Study of the Real­i­ty of Apparitions)

Anonymous / Marine Hugonnier
20th century
Oil on Canvas
54 × 69 × 70 cm

This project examines the process of restoration of paintings which is an endeavour spanning two moments in time: the production of the artwork (A) and its reception (C). By focusing on the time in-between (B), the restoration highlights the temporality of an artwork, subtly altering its effects, changing its state – the climate of an image – and its conditions of visibility. The first time this project was exhibited, a restorer took residence in the gallery over a five-week period, working on a number of paintings. The exhibition featured a working laboratory including an easel, chair and a cabinet. Viewers were invited back to the gallery to witness the project’s evolution.

Restorer: Rosalind Whitehouse
Production: Max Wigram, Gallery, 2007