Towards Tomor­row (Inter­national Date Line, Alaska)

Dyptique, lambda prints mounted on aluminium
300 × 180 cm each

TOWARDS TOMORROW is the result of a trip to the Bering Strait in Alaska, USA, to photograph across the International Date Line into Siberia. Due to its geographical position, Siberia is always 24 hours ahead of Alaska. The photographs are, therefore, in effect, pictures of a future moment.

Location: Whales, Bering Strait, Alaska, September 2001
Camera: Linhof 8 × 10 Kardan GT
Stock: 160NC Portra Kodak
Lens: 360mm Schneider
Dop: Steve Schauer
Executive producer: Julie Gonssard
Process: Color Edge, New York / Metro, London
Print: Greiger, Dusseldorf or Metro Pictures London
Aluminium mount and frame: Bliss, London / Darbyshire, London
Produced by: Max Wigram Gallery, London