Wednes­day and Thurs­day (Monte Pas­coal, Brazil)

2 lambda prints mounted on aluminium
54 × 74 cm each

Wednesday and Thursday were shot at the exact point where the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral first saw land on Wednesday April 22, 1500. Following the new route to the Indies, Cabral was driven by a hurricane to the coast where he spotted Monte Pascoal, thus discovering land by chance. He first sighted the shore at dusk (Wednesday evening) and had to wait for the early hours of the next morning (Thursday morning) to confirm what he had seen.

Location: Off the coast of Monte Pascoal National Park, Bahia, Brazil
Camera: Walken Tinten 4 × 5
Stock: 160 NC Portra Kodak
Lens: 150 mm Zeiss
Assistant: Cristian Manzutto, Diana Baldon
Producers: Amanda Rodrigues Alves, Thomas Mulcaire
Process and print: Metro, London