Ter­ri­to­ry III

16mm film

An exhibition called 'Territories' organised by Anselm Frankle, Eyal Weizman, Rafi Segal and Stefano Boeri travelled to Israel (Tel Aviv Bezalel Fondation/Nov 2004). The exhibition included a week long series of events; lectures by local and international practitioners in various locations across both side of the frontier of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This series of events, including a bus tour, attempted to narrate political and strategic issues through the physical relics of the occupation. Architecture was described as the physical embodiment of the conflict where landscape and its mapping are used to serve ideological purposes. Territory I, II, III recorded this bus tour, this 'journey through a physical reality' around the West bank and Palestine. This film was Marine Hugonnier’s contribution to this exhibition and was screened on its last day.

TERRITORY III (ALKDEREH HOUSE, RAMALLAH) was filmed in the Alkdereh district of Ramallah, Palestine. This house built in 1865 is the oldest in town and was an important community centre for many years. The flat roof, high ceilings, thick walls and horseshoe-arched windows are the main characteristics of traditional Arab style.

Location: Tel Aviv Israel, November 2004
Stock: 7231- 7222 Kodak
Camera: Éclair ACL
Aspect ratio: 1:66
Lenses: 12.120mm zoom, 17.85mm zoom
Director of photography: Nadav Arowitz, Cristian Manzutto
Executive production: Alec Steadman, Del Ruby Winter
Editing: Helle Le Fèvre
Produced by: Max Wigram Gallery, London, UK