Moun­tain with no name (Pand­jsh­er Val­ley, Afghanistan)

5 lambda prints mounted on aluminium
58 × 74 cm each

Mountain With No Name is a series of photographs of the mountains that surround the Pandjsher Valley in the North East of Afghanistan. These mountains have never been named: they remain blank areas on the map where only paths are given names by local inhabitants. Their anonymity runs counter to the Western tradition by which every mountain is named, a practice that coincided with European imperialism and the expansion of the colonies. The mountains surrounding the Pandjsher Valley exist outside this history.


Location: Pandjsher Valley and Kabul, Afghanistan, August 2002
Camera: 6 × 7 Mamiya RZ
Stock: 160 NC Portra Kodak
Lens: 110 mm Mamiya
Process: Metro Pictures, London
Aluminium mount: Bliss, London
Frame: Darbyshire, London