May 131968

16 mm film
Colour, sound
8 min

This film is a reportage of the 1968 uprisings in Paris, made by Marine Lazard, a war reporter and an alter ego of Marine Hugonnier. It features scenes depicting protesters in the streets of Paris in May 1968 — during the student uprising — throwing stones at the police, helping the injured and shouting “Adieu De Gaulle!” This film seems to have been shot over a single day. White veils, which have the appearance of light leaks on analogue film, render the image out of focus, at the limit of visibility, although what is depicted remains distinguishable. Dirt and scratches add to the impression of a vintage film that has been saved from oblivion. It aims to analyse the ideological links between the production of images and truth, the politics of the gaze in the context of social conflicts and the position of the artist, who endorses the role of a journalist and attempts to create new ways of reporting.

Editor: Marine Hugonnier
Produced for: 'Alias' curated by Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg,
Photomonth Krakow, Poland, 2014.