Let­ter to my Friend CM (Tri­bune for an Apocalypse)

35mm Colour
60 minutes

Ghost film

This film re-enacts the Medvekine Group’s film: “Lettre à Mon Ami Pol Céde”. Three friends in a run down car on a highway at dawn are taking film reels to a film lab. They are filming the way to get there with the left over of the film stock. They loosely have fun, smoke small delicious Cuban cigars and talk about their love for Cinema. This film imagines that the film reels laying on the car’s back seat feature Angers's tapestry of the Apocalypse and that their understanding of cinema mirrors the tapestry’s symbolics as a call for a potential revolution and a promise for a social renewal. This film was scheduled and financed but stopped by the Diocese of the city of Angers.