ITCZ (21°1751.78”N / 89°3528.18”O / 260408 / 04:48AM)

Lambda print mounted on aluminium
54 × 74 cm

ITCZ is a series of photographs of the International Tropical Convergence Zone. The ITCZ is an area of convergence between the tropical winds of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, circling the Earth around the equator. The annual rhythm of this band of intense heat and humidity gives rise to cumulous cloud formations and perpetual thunderstorms. This region has historically been associated with sensual evocations of geography.

Location: Yucatan, Mexico, April 2008
Camera: Walken Tinten 4 × 5“
Stock: 160 NC Portra Kodak
Lens: 150 mm Zeiss
Process and print: Metro, London
Frame: Darbyshire London