Art for Mod­ern Archi­tec­ture Die Welt

Die Welt: Building the Berlin Wall (August 14, 15, 17, 25, 1961)
/ Fall of the Berlin Wall (November 10, 12, 1989)
Paper clips onto vintage newspapers front pages

Art for Modern Architecture is a series of collages on vintage newspapers featuring silkscreened coloured blocks covering all images of the front page. The colours are the ones from the Standard Kodak Colour Chart. This principle of “coverage” investigates the reality of the spectator’s memory, whether it is a cultural ground, a collective consciousness or an imaginary landscape.

The series features 20th Century historic events from around the globe spanning from the end of the Second World War up to today. It often crosses the narratives of same historical events seen from different cultural point of views in order to reveal the geopolitics in place and the different interpretations of a same reality. This project constitutes a cross narrative study for cinematic projects and film scripts.

Paper restorers: Valéria Duplat, Ségolène Walle, Marion Chamoral