Apic­u­la Enigma

35mm film
26 minutes

This film was shot in Austria in the Koshuta mountains of southern Carinthia, Austria.

As the film starts one can hear a whisper that says: « Nature doesn’t tell stories » which sets the film against the conventions of wild life films. This film is an attempt to find a “point de passage” at the limit of the scope of representation as we know it, a point at which the animal realm begins.

The film recorded the factual truth of what happened on set. Its aim was to capture the set of invisibles links between the crew, the bees and the environment in real time; to picture the distinctiveness of the non-human. In other words, to find a place for a human – non-human continuum and to reset the boundaries of what appears as the « other ». Apicula Enigma literally means the Bee's riddle.

Location: Carinthia, Austria, June 2013
Director of photography: Attila Boa
Camera: 35mm
Lenses: 11 and 75 mm Prime Zeiss
First assistant: Eva Mittermüller
Beekeeper: Peter Hopfgartner
Sound recording: Peter Roesner
Sound editing: Henning Knoepfel
Image editing: Martina Moor
Produced by: NoguerasBanchard, Spain, Fortes D’Aloia Gabriel